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Behind the Name

            “Ada” is the short form to the Igbo name “Adaeze”, meaning: The King’s daughter, princess or the first daughter. Being a proud African American woman, Dr. Itaman-Gallien, the creator and founder really wanted a brand name that represented herself and how she wanted all women wearing her brand to feel. “No matter what our background, I truly believe we are the children of the divine creator. It’s so important to always remember that and carry ourselves with that esteem throughout our lives.” -Dr.Itaman-Gallien


About the Creator

            Dr. Saat Itaman-Gallien is a Nigerian born (Esan) and western educated medical physician. Like many Nigerian immigrants in the United States her parents encouraged her to seek higher education in order to firmly root the family’s success in the US. She never forgot her first love however, which was artistic expression. “I love what I do, and I love taking care of people, but I always knew I would incorporate my passion for art into my life in a big way.”- Dr. Itaman-Gallien. A mother and wife herself, she wants to create a legacy and world where her children proudly share their rich heritage and give back to their communities.


Our Influences

            As Nigerian natives, pride in our tribal heritage is everything. We want to speak it, sing it, dance it and wear it! As the world takes more steps towards appreciating cultural diversity, the goal of ADA ADA is to help foster that diversity. ADA ADA wants to normalize Afro-centric fashion standards as much as Euro-centric fashion has been to the world. “Black people set the trends and it should be no different in fashion. It’s time for cultural fashions to be normalized and celebrated.”-Dr. Itaman-Gallien


Changing the world

            ADA ADA believes in creating opportunities for the African Diaspora especially in Africa. Many things that are heavily used and influenced by black and African culture are unfortunately controlled, sourced and heavily profited by non-African or non blacks. “This brand is for the display of the African diaspora and to also benefit and support the African diaspora.” -Dr. Itaman-Gallien. ADA ADA creates opportunities for employment in Nigeria as it’s production and manufacturing and fabric sourcing is located there. A percentage of the profits from ADA ADA also goes into the Non-Profit organization Nursing Bridges which performs annual medical mission in several rural Nigerian towns and cities.

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